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The links on this page will direct you to articles and news clips that are relevant to health issues as well as health-centered dentistry. Check back often for updates.

News Clips

Important Health Warning for Expectant Mothers

Family Claims Mercury Fillings Caused Autism

Judges Block Dental Board

(Oral) Microbes That Bite Can Kill More Than a Smile

Oral Care Key to Successful Organ Transplants

FDA Press Release On Mercury Amalgam (with Our Own Editorial Comments Added)

Sugary Sodas: Not Just Bad For Your Teeth

Do You Grind Your Teeth at Night?

Most Americans May Be Deficient in Vitamin D

Magazine Articles

Dental Board of California: President's Message

Great Teeth, Good Health

Everything You Wanted to Know About Root Canals and How to Avoid Them

Root Canals as a Source of Illness

CDC Health Articles

Longevity of the Body Begins With Longevity of the Teeth

Mercury, Metals and Health

Silver/Mercury Dental Filling Advisory

Dentistry and Cancer

What You Always Wanted To Know About Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Biocompatible Dental Hygiene

The Weapon Against Halitosis

Your Health And Dentistry PDF

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