Overcoming Dental Phobia

Overcoming dental phobia may be an important issue for you, as many people suffer from dental stress and anxiety when visiting a dental office; so much so that they will put off having needed dental treatments until they are suffering from advanced pain and problems when they finally make an appointment.That's not unusual, however. There are even many dentists who get nervous when it's their turn to get in the chair.

This stress and anxiety may result in dental phobias, which are very real and can have roots going back to childhood, when a bad experience with a dentist caused a lot of physical and/or emotional trauma.

Also, sometimes dental phobias can be caused by a patient feeling that he or she is not in control of the situation when sitting in the dentist's chair.

Laser Dental Wellness Center-Fullerton understands these concerns and works with patients who have anxiety and fear issues to ease their fears, and make their dental treatments more pleasant. In fact, many of us at the Center have had our own issues with dental practitioners in the past, and are completely understanding and sympathetic to those who are uncomfortable in a dental office. overcoming dental phobia

We do many things to make the patient's visit more enjoyable. We have vibrating, heated chair mats which will help the patient to relax and improve lymphatic circulation, which is important for healing. Virtual reality glasses with which to view videos are provided, along with a huge library of current and past movies to choose from. This helps to take the patient to a more calm, relaxed place during treatment. We also help patients feel that they are more "in control" during their treatments, always keeping their comfort levels in mind. Then, there are various natural remedies which we use to help the patient relax, and in extreme cases we can prescribe mild tranquilizers and even provide "twilight sleep" anesthesia.overcoming dental phobia

However, we find that due to the calm, reassuring and good-humored attitude of our staff, combined with our "kinder, gentler" treatments--as well as educating the patient as to what the procedures involve and removing all the mystery--most patients calm down and do very well, even to the point of looking forward to their next visit!overcoming dental phobia

So, if you feel you may have some stress/anxiety issues concerning dental treatments, let us know. We can and will help you deal with it. Don't put off vital dental treatment. Putting off necessary dental work can place your entire health in jeopardy.

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