The Oral Immune System

The issue of protecting the Oral Immune System is very important to our practice, as Dr. Hansen has done exhaustive research on the subject and is well aware of its relationship to whole-body health.

The mouth is the main "point of entry" for much of what we take into our bodies. We rely on it for our survival. All food, air, and water that we require to live comes in through the mouth. That makes it very susceptible to all kinds of bacteria, viruses, toxins, and other infectious agents that can be harmful, or even fatal, to our bodies.

Maintaining a healthy mouth/oral area is key to maintaining the health of the rest of the body. The mouth has a defense system known as the "mucosal barrier," which protects the body from invading harmful agents. The saliva in the mouth also helps with this due to its high acidic content.

When the mouth is healthy, the oral immune system is healthy, but when things go wrong, that system becomes depressed and can't work as well as it should--putting the rest of the body in jeopardy.

Many conventional dental techniques may threaten or do harm to oral immunity. Procedures such as cutting and scraping the gums during a normal teeth cleaning can allow bacteria and other harmful influences into the blood stream. Amalgam fillings containing mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man, may enter the body through breathing its vapors or the normal actions of chewing and swallowing, which then may be harmful to the neurological centers of the brain as well as other vital organs. Mixed-metal restorations may produce detectable voltages when mixed with saliva in the mouth, thus producing electromagnet waves which interfere with normal brain electromagnetic brainwave patterns. This all serves to reduce the body's immune system and makes it more susceptible to all kinds of maladies and diseases.

Fortunately, there is a remedy to all of this, and that is the kind of dentistry we practice. Every procedure, every material, every instrument we use is designed to protect the oral immune system and help it stand up to the daily pressures of everyday life. For more information about this very important subject, we invite you to watch this video which demonstrates, in great detail, the importance of protecting oral immunity and how we may help you improve your oral health and overall health with our biocompatible, well-researched and time-tested treatments.

Oral Immune Video -- Part 1

Oral Immune Video -- Part 2

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