Our High-Tech Dental Exam

When you first come to our center, you will receive a comprehensive, high-tech dental exam which includes the following components:

- A panoramic, full-mouth X-Ray which shows all the teeth and surrounding bone area.

- A full-mouth series of digital X-Rays. (These X-Ray pictures require no developing, and are immediately viewable on video screens so that the patient and doctor can see them and discuss them together. They are then storable on computer hard drives for future reference, and may also be printed out. Digital X-Rays use up to 90 % less radiation than conventional ones.)

- An intra-oral video camera examination which can be viewed, in color, on high-resolution video screens by the doctor and the patient at the same time. These video exams are also recorded for future reference.

- The Diagnodent Laser Diagnostic tool, which uses a laser to detect developing problems that X-Rays and other examination methods may miss.

- The Vega Test Dental Galvanic testing (for patients with metal restorations in the mouth) which tests and measures detectable voltages being generated in the mouth caused by metals mixing with acidic saliva (more on this subject HERE.)

We also have available to us other testing and screening methods, such as Clifford Testing (which can reveal a patient's sensitivities to various dental compounds and materials), and the Cavitat, which can reveal areas of necrosis or infection in the jaw bone and bone surrounding the teeth.

With these high-tech exam procedures, the old-school "mirror and probe"-style exams have been all but eliminated, and they are much more effective and accurate in spotting and identifying potential problems.

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