Alternative Dentistry

Many times, the question has arisen "Do you practice alternative dentistry?" or "Are you an alternative dental center?"

In a general overview, the answer is yes, we are. We do not practice "conventional" dentistry in the sense that we do not use mercury or mixed-metal restorations in the mouth, nor do we use toxic chemicals to try to sterilize treated areas. We assess a patient's general health before any treatment, to try and gauge how that treatment may affect them. If a patient's overall condition warrants a gradual course of treatment to protect his or her health, then that's what we will do. Every patient's health and well-being comes first with us.

What makes us unique, however, are the treatments that have been developed and used successfully here for fifteen years--many of them utilizing dental lasers. As stated many times on this website, dental lasers are gentler and less invasive, and may even promote and speed up healing after major procedures. The dental laser is a great way to promote and protect a patient's dental and overall health.

In concert with that, we use biocompatible, or biologically friendly materials as fillings and restorative compounds--again, compounds that are not toxic or harmful to the body's many systems.

These are some of the things that qualify us as practicing alternative dentistry, or being an alternative dental center, but there is so much more to us than that. If you take the time to explore this site, you will see a lot of information about what sets us apart from any other dental practice you have ever heard of. We encourage you to do that, when you have the time, to find out more about how we are a true alternative, health-based dental center.

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