Our Laser Dental Vision

Our Laser Dental Vision involves a commitment to continually researching, developing and teaching newer, better and more patient-friendly and biologically sound dental treatment methods that will eventually become the standard of care in all of dentistry. Our number one priority is detection and prevention in children, which will hopefully eliminate the need for major dental procedures when they become adults. We desire to educate,as well as treat, so that our patients will know and understand all the processes that go on in their mouths and make informed decisions regarding their own treatment.

Our vision for the future is to have several Laser Dental Centers around the country, each one with dedicated, skilled practitioners who have been trained at our Center. These dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants will be schooled in not only the procedures, methods and materials we use, but also in the biological causes and effects of various treatments. They will have a clear understanding of the Mouth/Body relationship in achieving optimum health.

Another part of our vision is to make the public more aware of this kind of dentistry. As much of what we do is based on prevention, going for the causes of major problems and eliminating them before they start, we hope to be able to help reduce the costs of dentistry as a whole, as well as making it a much more pleasant experience for the patient. Having many of these Laser Dental Centers around the country will make what we do more accessible, and make this vision a reality.

If you would like to be a part of this vision, there are many ways that you can participate. You can go to Laser Dental Centers of America for more information on how you can be a part of our growth and expansion, and participate in achieving our dream of biologically-friendly, health-based dentistry being available to everyone.

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