What You Always Wanted To Know About Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

We are all unique individuals. Each patient will be evaluated and have their teeth cleaned or necessary gum therapy based on their individual needs.


TYPE I --Superficial Cleaning and Polish Necessary to remove surface stain and debris only on tooth surface above the gum line or on removable prosthesis. Performed with either an ultrasonic instrument or polish cup.

TYPE II --Normal routine Adult Cleaning Necessary for regular dental maintenance, usually at 3 or 6 month intervals. Performed using ultrasonic scaler or hand instruments on entire tooth above the gum line and below to remove any calculus/mineral deposits. Followed by a superficial cleaning and polish of the tooth surface with a polish cup.

TYPE III --Extensive Adult Cleaning Necessary when individual has not had their teeth cleaned in over 1 year or if there are heavy calculus/mineral deposits under the gum line fused to the tooth roots. Performed using ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments followed by superficial cleaning and polish. Usually requiring either longer than normal cleaning appointment, or 2 separate visits is recommended for best care and patient comfort.

TYPE IV --Deep Scaling and Root Planing Necessary in moderate or advanced stages of gum disease, with bone loss and pocketing, where calculus/mineral deposits have fused deeper down the root surface. This procedure is performed in quadrants (1/4 sections of the mouth), frequently requiring anesthesia for patient comfort. This is followed by a normal cleaning and evaluation appointment, usually 2-4 weeks after treatment. This is followed by periodontal maintenance visits at 3 month intervals until normal tissue health is achieved.

TYPE V --Advanced Periodontal (Gum) Disease / Necessary Referral To a Specialist, a Periodontist When the amount of gum tissue damage or bone loss has progressed to the point where cleaning or scale root planning will most likely not stop the advance toward tooth loss.

TYPE VI --Routine Periodontal CleaningNecessary for regular dental Maintenance, usually at 3 or 6 month intervals, following active periodontal (Gum) therapy as mentioned in Type JV and Type V above, or after treatment by a periodontal. Also necessary when the patient accumulates plaque and calculus far in excess of normal levels which must be removed for adequate oral health.

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