Metal-Free Dentistry

The practitioners at our Center are all strong believers in metal-free dentistry. As more people become aware of potential problems caused by metals in the mouth, many of them are becoming concerned about what goes in to their restorations and crowns.

We have a metal-free philosophy for many reasons. Toxicity issues aside, metals in the mouth mixing with saliva, which has an acidic pH value, have a tendency to produce voltages and cause electrolysis-related corrosion. These measurable voltages also produce electro-magnetic waves (as does any kind of electrical current) and these waves have been found, in EEG research, to interfere with normal brainwave patterns. This electromagnetic brainwave interference may do anything from lowering immunity, to causing symptoms of increased stress, changes to the autonomic nervous system, or, in extreme cases, may possibly produce symptoms of Parkinsons, MS, or Alzheimer's Disease.

There is much research to back up these claims. We have included more information about this subject on our site. Because the health and well being of each patient is our primary concern, we will not use metal crowns, restorations, or compounds containing any metals as a general rule, unless it is absolutely necessary. For example, implants require the use of titanium, but the compound we use is specially coated so as to interfere with normal biological systems as little as possible.

We invite you to read the material on this site regarding non-metal crowns and to learn more about this important subject.

If you have metal restorations already in place, we can address your concerns by removing and replacing them with biologically friendly (biocompatible) materials, which just may help you get back on track with good oral health and a strengthened oral immune system.

If you have any questions or concerns about this subject, get in touch with us or call us at (714) 870-0310 during normal business hours (Pacific Time).

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