Gentle Dentistry

We practice what we call "gentle dentistry" at our Center--taking a kinder and gentler approach to dental treatments.

It starts with using lasers instead of drills in many of our procedures, and we also use lasers and ultrasonics in teeth cleanings and diagnostics, avoiding the traditional probing and scraping with the traditional "metal hook."When drills are necessary, we use electronic, high-speed instruments that produce less friction, heat and discomfort than conventional drills.

Gentle dentistry also means doing all procedures with the patient's total health picture in mind, using compounds that are non-toxic and biocompatible with the body's systems.

We take the "natural" approach whenever and wherever possible, avoiding harsh chemicals and compounds that the body may react negatively to. Holistic and homeopathic materials are given to patients to speed healing and relieve discomfort; and many times, patients are counseled as to what nutritional support and supplements they can use to help speed their recovery.

This kind of "gentle dental" treatment also encompasses kindness and compassion to our patients, recognizing that many of them have been traumatized by previous dental treatments and practitioners, and giving those patients the extra reassurance and attention they may require to relax and have the treatment they need.

Our philosophy of gentleness also includes the use of patient-controlled heated, vibrating chair mats; virtual reality glasses with movies and videos to take the patient's mind to a calmer state; herbal teas and other natural compounds to help the patient relax; and most importantly, a kind, understanding staff who will do everything they can to make each patient's experience with us as pleasant as possible.

Our gentle dentists, Dr. Richard T. Hansen (who is a pioneer in laser dentistry as well as other holistic and patient-friendly treatments) and Dr. Andy Yoon, and staff are committed to giving each patient the best in natural, holistic, and healthy dental care.

If you have had a bad, traumatic or nightmarish experience in a dental office, and have reservations about receiving dental treatment because of that, this is the place for you. Our staff understands your feelings and what you have been through, as many of them have experienced the same thing. Our philosophy of gentle dentistry is based on that as well, and at our Center we will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable, welcome, and free of anxiety.

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