Dentistry and Health

Dentistry and health are irrevocably related. Just as our world is united by means of sophisticated electronic communications, the internet, and high-speed transportation, our bodies are united by all the sophisticated systems which support it and help it survive. Similarly, a significant event cannot occur in one place in the world without it impacting several other locations, whether politically, economically, culturally, climatically, agriculturally, ecologically, or a combination of these--and in the same way, no event, infection, illness or injury can occur in the body without it impacting most, if not all, of the other functional systems.

In the human body, no organ or biological system is isolated. They are united by our blood and lymphatic circulatory systems; the sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems; digestive and waste elimination systems; the cardio-vascular system; the mucosal immune barriers and the overall immune system; the reproductive system, etc. All of these work together to keep the body functioning and healthy. Because these systems function as vast networks, relying on the body's natural immune defenses to keep them viable and healthy, nothing can be done to one of them without it directly or indirectly affecting all the others. Anything that is done to weaken the immune system will affect them all, as well.

Intensive medical research has shown that oral health can have various direct and indirect impacts on the rest of the body. Poor oral health has been linked to diabetes, stroke, heart problems, nervous system disorders, mental disorders, and even diseases such as Parkinson's and MS.

It follows, then, that what is done in the mouth to treat dental problems is very important to the whole body. The techniques and materials used can have good or bad effects on overall health, depending on what they are and how they are used.

Our Dental Center is very aware of these health connections, and everything that is performed orally or dentally is done with the overall body health in mind. Dr. Richard T. Hansen, our director, has performed his own exhaustive research into the the dentistry and health connection, and has collaborated with many different health professionals on this subject.

You can rest assured that when you receive dental treatments from us, the primary concern will be to treat you as if your whole health depends upon it--because it does.

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