Non-Metal Crowns

When crown restorations are necessary, we use only non-metal crowns made of extremely strong porcelain, because we do not use any restorations in the mouth that contain any metals.

Research has shown, over the years, that mixed-metals in the mouth, combined with saliva and its acidic content, can produce measurable voltages in the oral area. This is called the "galvanic effect," and it is a very real problem with many people who have metals in their mouths.

Most of us have heard of extreme cases where people have actually picked up radio stations in their teeth or crowns, and although it may sound humorous, it represents a very real problem.

This is because any voltages or electric currents generated produce electromagnetic waves, and through EEG measurements, they have been shown to interfere with the brain's normal wave patterns. The brain itself generates measurable wave patterns at different frequencies, and when current generated in the mouth by metal restorations interferes with these wave patterns, the entire body's systems may be affected and compromised.

The autonomic nervous system may be affected, as well as other vital systems of the body controlled by the brain. This is a very real, well-researched problem that researchers are now just beginning to understand, and it's why we practice metal-free dentistry.

The metal-free crowns that we use are extremely strong and reliable, and they are fused into place with a laser. This eliminates the need for regular crown cement, which may crack and leak over time. Laser-fused porcelain crowns have proven to be extremely tough and dependable--much more so than conventional metal, cemented crowns.

We can provide you with a lot more information on this subject, so please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have on this important subject.

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