Alternative Root Canal Treatments

Comprehensive Dental Center Associates was one of the first dental practices to offer alternative root canal treatments. The reason was simple. Dr. Richard Hansen, our director and founder, through his meticulous research, found that there was a better, more effective, more natural way to treat infected root canals.

For years, there was only one way to treat a heavily damaged, infected tooth, and that was extraction. Then the standard root canal treatment was invented, and at first it was thought to be a better alternative than losing a tooth.

But then, dentists began to notice side effects from some root canals procedures, such as cavitations in the bone under the roots, re-infections, and electrolysis and corrosion underneath failed crowns. Many dentists began recommending against root canals for these reasons.

However, Dr. Hansen found that by using other, more healthy treatments, such as the Laser Nerve Treatment, or the Root Canal Calcification Therapy, teeth could be restored to health without all of the negative side effects. He carefully researched and developed the treatments which are now standard in our facility, and are a much kinder, gentler, and more natural way to treat root canals.

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