Laser Dentistry

What Is It?

"Laser Dentistry" is a term that is becoming more and more popular as people become aware of it, but how is it defined?

Some practices only use lasers for teeth cleanings or smile whitenings, while others may use them only for small fillings or bonding restorations. There are practices that have a laser or two on premises just so that they can say they practice laser dentistry, but they seldom use them--indeed, many don't even know how to use them properly. It seems that any dentist these days that has a laser in their office can say that he or she practices this kind of dentistry.

In our opinion, laser dentistry should encompass the use of dental lasers in every procedure that has been proven practical and effective--from cleaning and whitening, to small fillings, to root canal therapies, to oral surgeries. They should be used with holistic dental treatments, with preservation and protection of the patient's entire health constantly in mind. This is what we do at Laser Dental Wellness Center - Fullerton, and with good reason.

Our founder and director, Richard T. Hansen, DMD, FACAD, was a pioneer in the research, development, and testing of dental lasers back in the mid-1990s. He developed many of the techniques used in different treatments and procedures with them, and is considered one of the world's foremost dental laser authorities. Dr. Hansen is also a holistic dentist, meaning that everything he developed in his laser treatments and techniques were with the holistic approach.

Dental lasers are less invasive and cause less damage to the tooth and surrounding tissue. They can be used to disinfect and preserve infected tooth nerve tissue, which many times eliminates the need for a root canal. They sterilize the treated area in and around the tooth much better and more effectively than any harsh, toxic chemicals that are used in conventional dentistry. In surgical applications, they are self-cauterizing, meaning less blood, less pain and quicker healing times. They also cause less stress to the patient, which is also important for healing and preserving the body's immune system.

We believe dental lasers are the wave of the future, and they fit perfectly with our philosophy of holistic dental practices. They cause less damage than the drill or the scalpel, and have been shown to promote and speed healing after treatments. Contact Us for more information about this subject.

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