PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy (for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) is based on a relatively new science that is rapidly becoming accepted in the medical community. It is based on the fact that our bodies are electromagnetic structures, and rely on a degree of electromagnetic fields to function.

When Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man to be launched into space, returned from his historic one hour forty-eight minute flight, he was in critical condition. It wasn't from lack of gravity, food, water, or oxygen. It was found that being beyond the range of the earth's magnetic field for just a couple of hours caused a critical lack of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and it was very nearly fatal.

From then on, every mission into space has included PEMF generators in every space suit, space vehicle and even in the MIR space station. But why are these waves so important?

Laboratory experiments in Zero-PEMF conditions have shown that that in just a matter of hours, cell metabolism begins to break down, causing disorientation, depression, muscle weakness, bone loss, and depressed metabolism. These studies proved that PEMF's are a necessary element in keeping healthy, just as food, air, water and sunlight are.

As we are earthbound creatures, we generally get enough of these pulsed electromagnetic fields from the earth's own magnetic field. However, when the body has health issues such as inflammation or disease, these fields are thrown off, or "out of whack." PEMF generators, designed to put the body back into electromagnetic balance, have been shown to aid in the healing of all different types of maladies and diseases, and are widely accepted and used by the medical community in Europe.

Suzanne Somers, in her book "BREAKTHROUGH: Eight Steps to Wellness" talks about Pulsed Electromagnetic Generators and how this type of machine has helped her achieve wellness and balance in her body. She is a great believer in its effectiveness and usefulness in maintaining good health.

Our dental practice uses this same type of PEMF Generator to aid in healing, as well as reducing pain, inflammation and discomfort in the mouth and oral areas following dental procedures. It has shown to be helpful in a variety of dental applications--all without the use of drugs. This painless, quiet machine has proven to be an invaluable and integral part of our practice, and may be able to help you feel better and heal more quickly after a dental treatment.

Ask us about PEMF therapy and how we may be able to use it to help ease pain and swelling as well as promote oral healing. This is yet another way we use homeopathic, natural therapies for the benefit of our patients.

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