The Cavilase Procedure

The Cavilase Procedure is a simple, more effective way to fill small cavities.

First, the decay is cleaned out with a laser rather than a drill. The tooth's delicate structure is preserved, and only the diseased area is removed. The laser also disinfects the area much more thoroughly than any harsh chemicals can.

Then, a "biocompatible" (biologically friendly to the body) material is injected into the cleaned-out area.

After the filling material is injected, it is then bonded to the tooth with another laser, restoring the tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

This procedure can often be performed without anesthetic if the decay is not close to the nerve, because there is no vibration caused by a drill.

The Cavilase Procedure is much better and more comfortable for the patient, the filling doesn't crack or fail like a mercury amalgam filling, and the patient may never again need further treatment on the treated tooth. This is quite an improvement over accepted conventional treatments, and gives the patient a much less stressful experience.

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