biocompatible dental hygiene

Comprehensive Dental Center/LDCA Biocompatible Dental Hygiene Department

Our office uses the most advanced, biocompatible dental hygiene methods and technology available to maintain or restore your optimum oral health.

We use an ultrasonic cleaner that not only far more efficient than the old hand instruments, it is much more comfortable for you. The instrument also has warm, sterile water coming out of the tip of it so that your gums are washed as we clean your teeth.

To polish your teeth to a smooth, shiny brightness we use a spray of salt and baking soda, as opposed to the gritty paste that you may remember from the past. Salt is a very healing mineral and of course baking soda is a great cleanser and deodorizer. You are left with a clean, fresh feeling.

You may already be aware of the connection now established between gum (periodontal) disease and many other systemic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

We will be able to determine if gum disease is present with a microscope. Quite simply, we will take a plaque sample during your cleaning appointment to see what bacteria are residing in your mouth. If you care to, you may even view the bacteria yourself on a color video monitor.

If by chance there is gum disease present, we use a state of the art laser to sterilize the "pocket" and clean the tissue. The laser, coupled with a deep cleaning, is an remedy successful and rather painless method to treat gum disease. We will also assist you in selecting the best biocompatible home care products to enhance the continued health of your mouth.

We consider your comfort to be very important during your visit with us. We have many products and procedures available to solve the problem of sensitivity, whether it is in the gum tissue or the teeth. You will also have the option of watching a movie or TV as a great form of distraction.

You can be sure that our staff is impeccably trained in the most current information regarding the health of your mouth We stay right up to date on the most cutting edge continuing education available.

We very much look forward to seeing you in our office soon.

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