The Key to Ultimate Health

A few years ago, our founder and director, Dr. Richard Hansen, co-authored the book The Key to Ultimate Health with Ellen Hodgson Brown, J.D.This book still holds up today with timely information about the relationship between oral health and whole-body health.

Some of the topics covered are the critical role of teeth in reversing disease; electromagnetics and the battery effect; mercurial maladies; dental material hazards; the problem of hidden infection; removing mercury amalgams and the importance of protocol; dental materials that mimic nature; detoxing heavy metals from the body; the nutritional approach; teeth, bones and hormones; the need for supplements; 21st century dental health; and many more. A lot of these topics are mentioned here on our website, but the book explores them more deeply.

This book has been extremely well researched and documented, and will open your eyes as to what dentistry has been in the past, how it is now, and how it can and should be in the future.

If you are serious about improving your overall health as well as your oral health, you need to read this book. It is available in our bookstore or at

Dr. Hansen is serious about making his patients' lives better through health-centered, holistic, high-tech dentistry. Call us for more information, and let us help you achieve your ultimate dental health.

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