Dr. Hansen's Video Archives

Dr. Hansen is no stranger to the media. This page features video clips of news and human-interest TV broadcasts from the mid-1990's, showing Dr. Hansen as he introduced laser dentistry and laser dental techniques to the media and the public.

Video clip from c.1996, ABC 7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles, with Dr. Hansen introducing dental lasers and their benefits.

Not long before he gained international fame as the host of "American Idol," Ryan Seacrest hosted a show on C/Net (The Computer Network) called "The New Edge." On a segment of the show, Dr. Hansen is featured showing the benefits of one of the first dental lasers.

This is from KNBC News 4 Los Angeles, from a segment called "4 Your Health." Dr. Hansen, who pioneered its use, shows how the dental laser is "kid friendly" and a much better, healthier way to treat teeth.

This clip from Los Angeles' CBS 2 News is about the Erbium laser, the first dental laser to get FDA approval. Dr. Hansen participated in the clinical trials of this device, and was one of the first dentists in the country to use it in his practice.

"7 to 7" was an early-morning TV news segment on ABC 7 Los Angeles in the '90's. This is a segment they did about Dr. Hansen and his style of "painless dentistry."

KCOP Channel 13 Los Angeles did a brief profile of Dr. Hansen and his new Erbium dental laser in 1996, noting how he was a UCLA researcher and one of the few dentists in the country using the new technology.

This clip from 1996 features Angie Crouch from Channel 9 News in L.A. getting a small laser filling. There is also a great demonstration of how a dental laser can be used with pinpoint accuracy, and no need for anesthetic.

From the TV show "Extra," Dr. Hansen talks about how the laser may eliminate the need for a traditional root canal.

Also from "Extra" aired in the mid-1990's, is this clip about laser dental bleaching using the Argon laser, another use of the laser pioneered by Dr. Hansen.

This is a segment from ABC-TV's "Good Morning America."

Here's a clip from a cable news show called "The Next Step."


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