Laser Dental Cleaning

The Laser Dental Cleaning procedure performed at our office, also known as the Sterilase procedure, is a much more benign and comfortable way to clean teeth. It is a great improvement over the conventional cleaning method, and provides a greater measure of protection for the mouth's Oral Immune System.

Conventional cleanings start with cutting and scraping with a metal probe. This cuts into the sensitive gum tissue surrounding the teeth, which then can allow bacteria, viruses and other toxic substances to enter the blood stream. This also causes great discomfort and unease to the patient, and can become quite an ordeal for some people.

The laser dental cleaning begins with a sterilizing laser, that cleans and disinfects the teeth around the sensitive gum tissue without the traditional cutting and scraping. It kills the bad microbes, bacteria and other substances around the teeth and gums that may get into the bloodstream, and it does this in a much more comfortable, pain-free way.

The cleaning procedure continues with the use of an Ultrasonic Scaler. This is a device that uses concentrated, ultra-high frequency sound waves to remove scale and plaque buildup, and it is also much more comfortable and benign than the standard cleaning procedure.

The teeth are then polished and rinsed off with a warm, high-pressure water spray containing sea salt, which encourages healing and makes the teeth feel clean and smooth.

This cleaning procedure is another key part of protecting oral health and oral immunity, and it eliminates much of the stress inflicted on patients by conventional cleaning methods. Being more patient-friendly as well as a more healthy alternative to standard methods is the goal of every treatment we perform at our center, and we constantly strive to improve and update everything we do.

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