The Oral Galvanic Effect

The oral galvanic effect, or battery effect, is produced when mixed metals are placed in the mouth, either through fillings, crowns, or bridges, or a combination of these.

These dental restoration metals mix with saliva, which has an acidic pH, to create this effect. Measurable amounts of electrical current are then produced, and create electromagnetic waves which are detectable on an EEG. (This is because electrical current always produces electromagnetic waves. An example of this would be the static and interference that is heard on a car radio when driving under or near electrical power lines.)

The brain is a generator that produces measurable voltages in a variety of frequency ranges, that control everything from our emotions to our motor skills. The galvanic effect of mixed metals in the mouth can cause voltages tens to hundreds of times greater than what the brain produces, and may cause currents and electromagnetism that interfere with the brain's electrical impulses--impulses which control the voluntary and involuntary actions of the body as well as the mind.

Any electrical interference such as what is generated in the mouth with the galvanic effect, has the ability, under the right conditions, to cause a myriad of complications both physically and psychologically.

The galvanic effect in the mouth is a very real problem that is being researched and pursued by more and more health professionals and brain researchers.

At our center, we have a testing protocol which can detect and identify voltages in the mouth, and their sources. We may then be able to solve the problem by doing re-treatment and/or replacement of restorations on the offending areas. This protocol, called the "Vega Test," is part of our comprehensive dental exam for people with mixed-metal restorations.

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