Laser Dental Costs

Justifying Treatment in a Weak Economy

We'd like to address the issue of laser dental costs, since many people have never had laser or health-based dentistry before. Also, many people are under the impression that it costs more than conventional dentistry. These are legitimate concerns in our present economy, but it is never a good thing to put off needed dental treatment. It may wind up costing you a lot more, both monetarily and health-wise, in the long run.

The main thing to keep in mind is that our treatments are not only tailored to repair the immediate problem, but to also provide preventive and protective measures to help keep those problems from recurring, and to protect the entire body's overall health. We also use laser diagnostics, which can locate and identify problems in their very early stages of development, (much earlier than other methods, including x-rays). These early problems can then be dealt with before they become a costly repair.

There was, until recently, a famous chain of automotive paint and body shops that advertised cut-rate paint jobs, promising to paint any car any color for a ridiculously low price. Those who got those paint jobs quickly found out that in six months to a year the finish began to fade, blemish, rust or even peel off entirely. This is because of the inferior quality of the materials used, along with a lack of proper preparation--sanding, priming, masking, etc.

Just as those low-cost paint shops, there are dental practices and clinics who advertise very low prices for services that are normally very involved, delicate and intricate. Unfortunately, those treatments may be very likely to eventually fail because of inferior materials, improper preparation and/or ill-trained personnel.

The biocompatible materials that we use at our Center, along with the various "high-tech" lasers and equipment used in our procedures, are much higher quality than most materials and equipment used in conventional treatments. We have highly-trained, highly-educated people skilled in their use. Because of this, the failure rate is much lower than with a conventional or cut-rate dental facility--in fact, it is almost non-existent (as long as patients do their part in helping with prevention).

Laser Dental Wellness Center-Fullerton concentrates on prevention as well as treatment, constantly performing procedures that protect and even enhance the mouth's Oral Immune System and the overall body's immunity. Our treatments are designed to fully restore teeth and oral tissues, not just get rid of an immediate problem or put in fillings that may eventually fail or fall out.

Because of this, our laser dental costs may, occasionally run slightly higher than what you may be used to. But, with our modern style of dentistry, treatments for the same recurring problems may be entirely eliminated, and overall health may be protected and enhanced, which in the long run saves money and makes more economic sense. Remember that medical science has recognized that many health issues are directly connected to the mouth, so keeping the mouth healthy and free of toxic substances should be a priority in preserving the health of your entire body.

It all comes down to making the choice between getting lower-cost bargain dentistry which may harm or destroy oral immunity, cause teeth to re-infect at some point in the future, or completely break down or fail after a period of time so that re-treatment and more expense is eventually necessary; or getting it done right the first time, with immunity being protected, no toxic compounds being used, and total restoration so that no re-treatments will ever be needed being the constant goal.

When you look at it that way, these laser dental costs make good economic sense. Plus, we often offer incentives, discounts and promotions that will help keep your costs down.

In many cases, your dental insurance may cover our procedures and laser dental costs. Go HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about insurance.

We also work with Care Credit and Chase Health Advance to help with financing your treatment.

Remember, it is NEVER a good thing to put off needed dental treatment, even if you think you can't afford it. The earlier the problem is corrected, the less it will adversely affect your pocket book, oral health and overall health. We don't just want to "fix" your teeth, we want to help you achieve your dental health and total health goals. Isn't that worth your money, even in a slow economy?

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