Kid-Friendly Dentistry

Laser Dental Wellness Center practices kid-friendly dentistry, for the benefit of your child as well as the child in all of us who may be apprehensive or frightened at the thought of dental treatment.

Just a little while ago, we heard of a child who had several fillings done (with the conventional drill and Novocaine) who was strapped down to a restraining board during her treatment. It is appalling to think that any dentist still practices in this way, especially because of the way that child has been traumatized. Now, she is terrified at the thought of visiting a dentist, even for a routine check-up.

There is no excuse and no reason for this type of treatment, especially when you consider that there are high-tech, patient-friendly methods now available for children and adults as well that can eliminate the fear and apprehension associated with conventional dentistry.

"Kid-friendly" dentistry, as practiced by our Center, is based upon highly refined,benign "kinder, gentler" techniques that involve lasers and other high-tech tools that are much less intimidating to a child. We spend time showing each of our young patients and educating them about what we do, our tools and techniques, and letting them get comfortable with our environment before we do any procedure.

Many of our staff members have children of their own and understand their needs and concerns in a dental environment.

We are ready to provide you and your child with exceptional, health-based, high-tech dentistry whenever you are ready. Get in touch with us soon--you can call us at (714)870-0310 for more information,

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