Laser Periodontics

Laser periodontics have been proven in our practice to help control and eradicate gum disease.

Sub-gingival (under the gums) buildups of scale, plaque and calculus can cause breeding grounds for bacteria and other microflora, and for years the only remedy for this was scraping off the offending material with hand instruments. This was time consuming, and not very effective, as well as very uncomfortable to the patient. Removal of these harmful materials is necessary, however, because they can get down into the tooth roots and cause catastrophic problems with teeth, bone, and gums.

With the development of the ND/Yag soft-tissue laser for dental applications, it became much easier to remove the bacteria, getting deep into gum "pockets," and sterilizing the affected areas. Our center has been using this technique for years with great success and thousands of satisfied patients.

In concert with the periodontal laser, we also use ultrasonic scalers. Ultrasonics are intense, focused ultra-high frequency sound waves that literally vibrate the plaque, scale, and other buildups right off the teeth.

Maintaining healthy gums is an important component of keeping the teeth and oral area healthy and vital, as well as preserving the oral immune system. With the help of lasers and ultrasonics, we can help you do just that, and in a much more comfortable and non-invasive manner than with conventional treatments.

However, it is incumbent on the patient to practice good oral hygiene and maintenance before and after periodontal treatments in order to keep these issues under control. We can show you how to do that as well, and help you develop a good maintenance program that you can easily do at home.

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