Richard T. Hansen DMD, FACAD

For over 35 years, Richard T. Hansen, DMD, has been been practicing dentistry at the same location in Fullerton, California. He has been a pioneer in improving the present state of dentistry and finding better, more patient-friendly ways of delivering advanced dental care and improving whole-body health. Dr. Hansen recognized early in his career that a patient's health can be greatly impacted by dental treatment, both good and bad.

Dr. Hansen received his BS degree in Biological Sciences from USC in 1972 and his dental degree in dentistry from
Washington University in 1976. After graduation, he received training in acupuncture, eastern medicine, and nutrition. Dr. Hansen has helped pioneer many advanced techniques for lasers in dentistry including FDA clinical trials for the use of lasers in hard tissue applications. He is currently working on research that will help prevent root canals using laser treatments and biocompatible compounds. Dr. Hansen is also focused on the electrical currents generated by the mixed metals in the mouth and their effects on brain rhythms and the sympathetic nervous system. His work in psycho-neuroimmunology and behavioral electroencephalography has led him to help establish the Society for Advancement of Brain Analysis. He is a member of over 16 professional societies, both dental and medical, and has authored several papers on lasers, high-tech dentistry, dentistry and health, and has given many presentations nationally and internationally dealing with these subjects.
richard t. hansen dmd
Dr. Hansen is also a past faculty member of UCLA's School of Dentistry, Department of Fixed Prosthodontics, and maintains a private practice in Fullerton, California, utilizing the most advanced dental techniques and equipment including 14 different lasers, ozone therapy, CAD/CAM, air abrasives, computerized treatment rooms, microscopes, cosmetic imaging, intra-oral cameras, laser diagnostics, and digital x-rays. He also serves as the Director of the Advanced Health Research Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to research and education of the root causes of illness and the dysfunction of functional systems leading to a predictable process of disease.

Along with attorney Ellen Brown, he co-wrote the critically acclaimed book The Key to Ultimate Health, and was the host of a radio talk show on KIEV radio called "Dentistry and Health." Dr. Hansen is the developer of the Laser-Assisted Bacterial Reduction Program, a teeth-cleaning protocol for eliminating bacteria and toxins from the mouth, which have been shown to be a significant risk factor to patients, contributing to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other disease processes.
richard t. hansen dmd
Many forms of the media are used by Dr. Hansen to continually inform the public about Advanced Dentistry and the health implications of conventional dentistry. It has been his mission to continually improve the patient's health, comfort, and attitude about dentistry by providing the most advanced, comfortable and patient-centered dental care available. He has been featured in many newspaper and magazine stories, including Newsweek, American Health, LA Times, and Orange County Register. He has been on the advisory board of Fitness and Health Magazine and is frequently consulted in many national magazine articles. Dr. Hansen has also appeared on many television programs including The Phil Donahue Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Good Day L.A.

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