Family Laser Dentistry

Laser Dental Wellness Center also specializes in Family Laser Dentistry--dental treatments and services for the whole family.

We find that children, once they see the benign nature of lasers and other high-tech equipment and procedures that we use, are much more receptive to our style of dentistry. Nowadays, kids are more "tech-savvy" and aware of technical innovations. They are fascinated by our intra-oral video camera exams and digital x-rays, and enjoy being able to watch videos during treatment.

Incidentally, Dr. Hansen found through his research that a majority of dental treatments such as root canal therapies, extractions, or implants that he has performed on adults, have been a direct result of conventional dental treatments they received as children. This includes having teeth drilled apart to wedge in conventional fillings that eventually crack and leak.

Some adults have dental phobias that originated in their childhood, when they were mis-treated or traumatized by dentists who didn't know any better.

Family laser dentistry offers treatments that are designed with children in mind, and with their dental health and overall health in mind as well. Laser dental fillings in children are a way to prevent future adult dentistry. Laser diagnostics can spot developing issues before they become a big problem. Our friendly, child-friendly staff members, many of whom have children of their own, are ready to reassure and comfort kids who may be a little apprehensive at first, until they see how much more comfortable our style of dentistry is.

Adult family members appreciate us as well, as they learn about our preventive style of treatment, and how it reduces the stress and anxiety associated with traditional treatments. They understand and appreciate how we treat the mouth and teeth as important components of the entire body's immune system and overall health picture.

Taking simple, preventive measures now will save a lot of aggravation and expense in the future. Come in and see how our style of dentistry can benefit your entire family!

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