Preserving Tooth Structure

The importance of preserving tooth structure is something a lot of dentists practicing today do not take into account, especially when it comes to drilling and filling procedures.

Why is this so important? It's because the healthy human tooth has been designed by nature to withstand the forces of biting and chewing, and to evenly distribute these forces into the core of the tooth and the bone. Molars have ridges and sluice-ways designed to help with chewing and breaking down food into digestible particles, with tiny T-bars and supports in place so that they can withstand the constant wear and tear of the demands placed upon them. Front teeth are designed to bite and cut into food, and are also naturally reinforced in their internal structures to stand up to the daily beating they take in the normal act of consuming food.

Why then does traditional dentistry drill apart a structurally engineered tooth to place a filling material that will eventually crack, leak, and cause more decay, and possibly result in infections that may weaken the oral immune barrier, and may even cause illness in the rest of the body?

Amalgams and composites, in most cases, cannot and do not have the ability to stand up to the various forces put upon them, because they are not a part of the teeth. They cannot properly distribute the biting and chewing forces to the central core of the tooth, or the load of force to the bone, as an intact tooth would do. They are a separate, weaker compound than natural tooth structure, wedged into place in hopes that they will stay put.

This doesn't have to be the case. Laser dental fillings preserve the natural tooth structure and are bonded to the teeth so that they do not crack or leak. The filling compound itself is made of tooth-like materials which, after laser-fusing, become one with the tooth--an actual part of it, restoring the tooth to its original strength, appearance, and function. Teeth restored in this way can withstand all the demands that biting and chewing place upon them and properly distribute the load into the bone.

With laser fillings, and other laser-based restoration procedures, the natural balance of the teeth and the mouth may be restored, preserving tooth structure and ultimately, preserving oral health.

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