Dental Laser Diagnostics

At Laser Dental Wellness Center, we use dental laser diagnostics to help with locating and identifying conditions that normally can't be found using conventional methods.

Developing cavities in their early stages cannot be seen on an X-Ray, and they can be missed using the conventional dental probe. The probe is limited as to what it can access, and there may be decay or weakening in the tooth beyond the range of the probe.

This is where the Diagnostic Laser comes in. By using the reflected light of a special, targeted laser beam, the practitioner can find areas of potential decay long before they would appear using conventional methods. Preventive measures can then be taken that may prevent more serious treatments later on.

This in turn means less stress and discomfort for the patient. Using the Diagnostic Laser is simple and painless, and is one more tool in our arsenal of fighting decay and preserving dental health.

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