High-Tech Dentistry

Laser Dental Wellness Center - Fullerton practices what may be termed as High-Tech Dentistry, because:

1. We were a pioneer in the use of dental lasers. Dr. Hansen assisted in the research and development of lasers for dental use, including testing them for the FDA.

2. We use lasers for teeth cleaning and sterilization, which are much gentler than the conventional "probe and hook" cleanings. (Laser cleanings don't cut into gum tissue which may allow bacterial and infectious agents into the blood stream, which has been linked to heart disease. The dental laser kills bacteria and viruses around the teeth and gums, and is a much more effective way, overall, to clean teeth.)

3. We use hard and soft-tissue lasers for a variety of applications, from small cavities to oral surgeries. Lasers are less invasive, and in surgical applications cause less bleeding, are self-cauterizing, and promote quicker healing. In small cavity applications, where the problem is not close to the nerve, many times anesthetic is not even needed because the laser does not disturb the nerve.

4. Lasers are used for disinfection of treated areas, rather than harsh chemical compounds such as bleach or formaldehyde.

5. All bonding and fusing of restorations is done with a special laser that makes the restoration become part of the tooth.

6. Lasers are used in diagnosing dental issues that probes and X-rays may miss, and they have the ability to detect problems in their beginning stages, before they become major issues.

7. Laser periodontal treatments, used in conjunction with ultrasonics, provide a much more effective and comfortable therapies than the conventional, hand-scraping methods.

8. Miniature intra-oral video cameras are used instead of the standard probe and mirror for visual examinations. The patient and the doctor can both see any developing problems on a color video screen in real time, and each exam is recorded for future reference.

9. Low-power, digital X-rays are used which produce immediate results on a video screen, which the doctor and patient may view together. Digital X-rays also use up to 90 % less radiation than conventional X-rays.

10. The latest movies and video entertainment may be viewed on virtual-reality glasses during treatments, distracting patients from whatever treatment is occurring and entertaining them at the same time.

11. The latest in biologically-friendly, dentally robust, laser-fusible or bondable compounds and restorations are used to enhance and protect tooth strength, as well as the oral immune system.

In addition to practicing high-tech dentistry, at our Center the overall health of every patient is taken into consideration with every treatment that we perform.

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