The Restoralase Procedure

The Restoralase Procedure is a high-tech way to eliminate the need for crowns or large mixed-metal fillings.

When a tooth has broken down, or a large filling has cracked or fallen out, many times the tooth can be restored using Restoralase.

First, the tooth is cleaned out and disinfected with a laser. Then, using 3-D imaging, an exact, three-dimensional image of the tooth is made, including the missing areas.

This 3-D image is used to make a biocompatible inlay or onlay that will fit perfectly into the missing area of the tooth.

Using another laser, the inlay or onlay is fused and bonded to the tooth, so that the tooth is restored to its original appearance and strength.

Like all the other procedures described on this site, Restoralase protects the oral health and overall body health of the patient by using techniques and materials that will enhance and protect the oral immune system.

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